ICWES16 ,Oct.23.2014 , JSPEW , we hold a Workshop

There are big differences among each country about working environment of the woman technician and scientist of the world. It goes without saying that there are some differences between advanced nation and developing country, there are many women who cannot obtain, working environment such as legitimate remuneration position, in the various reasons such as cultural, historical, religion and so on.

In ICWES15, we held the 1st workshop.The title was “hearing the labor conditions of the women in the world.”A lot of answer were “coexistence of work and a home”

・・・We got to know“It is a big problem at many countory. ”

In ICWES16 ,I think that it will advance to the following stage. That is”How is this problem solved in your country?” ・・・We want to discuss with this subject.

By The Japan Society for Professional Engineers of Women